I’m frank

Born on March the 20th of 1991 and given the name Frank Austin Lee Cox, the son of Frank Lee Cox & Susan Littles Cox was conceived in the city of Savannah, Georgia in the U.S. Young Frank grew up a very different life from that of most of his peers, having not a time of popularity among them until after high school for a brief amount of time before spending years in an inner turmoil, fighting to find true meaning as we all are. Frank, to be frank, was a late bloomer. He found his passion in musical arts and creation at a rare age of 19, then devoting himself to create and hold onto that dream for dear life. He was unable to find himself at comfort with the idea of mediocrity, he had been told all of his life by everyone that he knew that he would do amazing things and there was no way he wouldn’t. He decided that the only way to live a life fully, would be to take all of his lack of courage and devote it towards his goal, his life would be all or nothing. Either he would succeed and make everyone who believed in him very very proud… Or he would be a complete failure, yet still resolve to living his lifestyle submerged into the arts, making it his only option until death. That was his deal with the devil, his stakes to Satan, what he lay on the line with Lucifer.


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