Headstones & Headlights [Demo]

“Headstones & Headlights”

Well, let’s start it off on the wrong foot,
I needed shoes,
so I tried to walk in yours,
I made it a mile before
I just had to ask
What kinds of people sell their soles?
It feels like you’re just the type of person who has an answer

What the hell am I even supposed to complain about now
I don’t know how I reached the surface before I drowned
As my lungs were giving in to the weight of the unforgiving ocean
I could almost feel myself sinking inside of my sunken
Chest, soaking into my ashes, laid to rest
But I knew that light wasn’t meant for me especially when it started to fade

And he said, “Show me on the doll where they touched you” but he seemed just as confused as I ripped the chest in two, asking ” where’s the heart, I need it to be specific, then again it could have all been in the back of my mind,” as I opened up the back of it’s head, nodding and concurring with what he said, Yeah it’s a miracle I made it out alive, a hex or curse that I’m not dead.

And I’ve been counting years like crosses along the tree lines in foreign cities, at the edge of every highway, beacons of the people I can and will not get to know, but that’s the thing, that’s just how life goes.

She told me, “You’ll keep counting as the headlights bounce through the trees you never noticed, trespassing into places that will never hear your name.” All I could think to say is, “Headstones or headlights? What matters is how most the time, I can almost picture how they died & it’s killing me.”

What’s even up with today and why?
Skies don’t stay blue this long in my life
There’s not a single cloud in sight
Not on the horizon or in my mind
Well maybe when I drowned, I actually died

No, that kind of break’s too tough
And well that’s just not my luck,
oh no that’s just not my luck
Breathe into me, so I can cough it up

There’s something wrong inside of my head
There’s something wrong inside my head
Something wrong inside my head
Inside my head


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